Bored Lord - Fist Fight [STYLSS050]

by Bored Lord

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"Fist Fight" is a collection of songs that act as digital journals recounting emotional and almost sarcastic expressions. The auto-tuned words tend to wash together over minimal beats.

All four songs are written, performed, and produced by Clifton Anthony (aka Bored Lord) with the exception being "Round & Round" featuring JayVeeThePrince, an experimental RnB singer from Memphis, TN.


released September 23, 2016

C O N N E C T • W I T H • B O R E D _ L O R D:



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Track Name: Safe Place
Safe Place
the only place i feel safe
a room without any walls
a vacuum
panic attacks in the bathroom
dry heaving in the kitchen
my mother screaming in the distance

the only place i feel safe
a bathtub filled with embalming fluid
a warm bed made of the bodies of all my lovers
the only place i feel safe

the only place i feel safe
my phone's dead and buried in the back yard
of an elephant graveyard where lemons grow
disciples scream at the new moon glow
demons swim in the undertow
blood is blue til it starts to show
never again and never before
never again and never before, no no
the only place i feel safe
the only place i feel safe is in my head

the only thing I have that is my own i my name
forget to tell that to my sister
my father is no longer stronger than
I could beat him in a fist fight
Track Name: Already Dead
Already Dead
the test isn't hard to fail
just wait long enough
you hold your breath for a million years
bet that shit is tough

I feel like the end is near
I feel like I'd rather die
I feel like I'm losing air
I feel like it's paradise
I feel like you talk too much
I feel like I hardly listen
but the meaning of the sum always gets lost in the tradition
oh well

I feel like a piece of shit
I feel like just giving up
I feel like I can not live
I feel like I'm gonna cum
I feel like this is a joke
I feel like I've lost ambition
but the meaning of the speech always gets lost in the transcription
oh well

and I know that you feel it too
that we're already dead
Track Name: Empty Room
Empty Room
every morning you are born for the first time
every night you are destined to die
it'll be alright
it'll be alright

I heard that things get better sometimes, don't they?
somewhere further down the line
it just takes time
it just takes time

first it moves too slow
then it goes too soon
staring at the sun
blink once it's the moon
what do you do?
oh no
what do you do?

all the ugly shit I said when I was drunk
all the cheesy shit I said when I was in love
I hear it on loop in an empty room
Track Name: Round & Round
Round & Round
ah, here we go
we done been down this road
girl, its like round and round we go

it's a carousel
a snake swallowing it's tail
it's heaven and hell in the same room

what do you call a circle that you can not escape from?
it's in our blood what we've become
when it hurts the most, I start talking to your ghost but
it says nothing back though

my bad
you're good
we can't but we would
go round
and round
and round
and round
and round